Haworth Beer Festival

27th – 28th – 29th March 2020

The beginning… way back in 2012 we got a “whiff” of a growing interest in micro brewing and that was the start of our mission to “sniff out” the micro brewers close to us here in the heart of Bronte country.

Liking what we found, we thought it would be a great idea to share these tasty ales with our friends, we threw in some food and music and hey presto the first Haworth Beer Festival took place!

We’ve grown up slightly since 2012, not too much though. But having witnessed a massive resurgence in the distinctive micro brewing tradition we now know and definitely appreciate that beer means business for both brewers and enthusiasts alike! We’re proud to continually support and showcase amazing craft brewers, some local, some from further afield and we’re excited that the 2020 Haworth Beer Festival is just around the corner!

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